In the press: student publishes article in the Gloucestershire Echo

Rewind back to November 2016, and you may recall seeing glistening lights along the Cheltenham Promenade and a hint of mulled wine in the air. Christmas was approaching. For many this is an exciting time, the prospect of being home with our families and indulging on the Christmas festivities, is something we all share.

However, for one our students, their time was spent supporting Teams4U. A charity that encourages children to fill Christmas shoe boxes; which are then gifted to underprivileged Eastern European children. This is all in the hope of putting a smile on the child’s face during the festive season.

Charlotte Haines, a 3rd year studying BA English Language enrolled in work experience with Gloucestershire Echo throughout November. This is something encouraged by the University of Gloucestershire, and is certainly essential for those wishing to venture into the competitive industry of Journalism. Charlotte was hoping for insight into the world of editorial work, shadowing journalists as they found local news and gathering experience towards this career. She was far from expecting her own written piece to be in the newspaper!


In her article, ‘How a show box helps this Christmas’, she discusses how Evesham Warehouse has been collecting boxes from Gloucestershire since 2006. They’ve previously worked with the Samaritan’s Purse but have recently been working alongside smaller, local charity Teams4U, promoting their Shoebox Appeal. In a world full of negative news, it was refreshing to see such a warm piece, encouraging readers to donate to those less fortunate over Christmas.

The English department are certainly proud of Charlotte’s accomplishments and can’t wait to see her name in more articles to come.Charlotte’s achievement is an example of how insightful work experience, volunteering and internship programmes can be. We encourage other students’ to get involved with the Future Plan team, to not only further your career but also make a difference!

-‘How a shoe box helps this Christmas’; By Charlotte Haines

-Future Plan

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